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Sit down and relax – thanks to our focus on our furniture, this daily and simply activity becomes even more easier and more enjoyable now. Our furniture is comfortable and cosy so you can just sink into, plop down and settle in with pleasure. Our accurate refinement to every single detail and use of high class materials secures our high quality. All showed models are available in a wide range of colors and materials. Their durability provides comfort in a variety of styles, colors and shapes for many years.


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Our long-term tradition and experience built on extensive list of references lets us focus on customer’s individual needs and his business. Conducting a professional advice we are able to ensure customer satisfaction comprehensively. Our main customers are hotels, where aesthetics and quality are critical to create an ideal climate space for guests. The distinguishing features of our products are the unique design, modern, ergonomic shapes, high quality and sense of customer needs.


Wooden crates

The core of our products is furniture, in addition we produce the wooden boxes suited for the transport & storage of fruits and vegetables.

We offer boxes for the fruits and vegetables as well as for the special purpose, including decorative boxes made of solid wood.

Packaging for fruits and vegetables is made of poplar veneer.

Furthermore, we offer custom-made packaging. Dimensions are defined in cooperation with the customer.